Smart Stake

Transparent, professional, and feature rich staking service provider. 
We provide staking service with realtime performance assessment & analytics tools.

Why choose Smart Stake?

We participate in networks with the aim of strengthening the ecosystem in multiple ways. We provide staking service with realtime performance assessment tools for network participants. What sets us apart is the custom metrics that we introduce based on each individual network's unique needs. We strive to demystify blockchain performance data and simplify the experience of all stakeholders. We also build a "My Account" module with many features to enhance the experience of delegates for each network. Lastly, we also help identify anomalies/issues if any are present in the network.

Check out all the analytics dashboards listed above.
HarmonyAnalyticsBot - a telegram bot for Harmony.
IotexAnalyticsBot - a telegram bot for IoTeX.

We believe in transparency. We not only claim and provide highly available service, the health of our staking servers is always visible in near-realtime on the performance dashboards for our delegates to see. 

Harmony Node Health
Terra Node Health

We have 20+ years of experience in enterprise IT services. All our servers are data center hosted, use high-end technical specifications, have 2 FA, are hardened, and use redundancy. We use realtime monitoring and alerts for performance monitoring. We use fixed fee model and never increase fee.

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